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one-night event



Unique event of electronic/synth music 

Northern Kind, Future Perfect and Johan Baeckström of Daily Planet in the all New Nambucca!

Nov 15, 7:00PM – Nov 16, 2:30AM



596 Holloway Road
N7 6LB
United Kingdom



Upcoming concert, eLectronic singularity is exactly that, a one-night event highlighting three magnificent synthpop bands:

Northern KindFuture Perfect Johan Baeckström

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of  singularity

sin·gu·lar·i·ty  /ˌsiNGɡyəˈlerədē /  noun

1. the state, fact, quality, or condition of being singular.

These international bands have never before performed in one three-part concert together. The electronic concert is not a tour. Do not miss the opportunity to see Johan Baeckström, Future Perfect and Northern Kind in concert.

Concert organizers, Jamelle and
John, are pleased to announce this concert is open to the public for 18+ at the beautifully refurbished Nambucca in London on 15Nov19. Doors open at 7:00pm and the night doesn’t finish when the bands stop playing, stay and dance to your favorite synthpop songs until 2:30am.

If Future Perfect’s
Paradise inspires you to be the best you,
Northern Kind’s Electric to Me has you reaching for the volume control, or Johan’s Utopia is a must repeat, then eLectronic singularity is for you. All are welcome, whether you are a synthpop enthusiast or just love live music.

Created to celebrate
John’s 50th birthday, John is excited to share eLectronic singularity with the synthpop lovers of London, and indeed, the rest of the world. Synth aficionados are flying into London from across the world to attend eLectronic singularity! Get your tickets for the low price of £24 while you still can. Party with John to the electronica sounds of these amazing bands. Tickets are available on Eventbrite UK, and can be accessed by the link on this site. Tickets can also be purchased the day of the event when the doors open at 7pm.

Event Details

meet the bands

Future Perfect
Simon OweN
Music, Lyrics, Vocals & Production
Simon Owen is founder of the incredible electronic/synthpop/EBM sound of FUTURE PERFECT formed in 2009 taking influences from the lyrical darkness of Joy Division & Depeche Mode, the experimentalism of early O.M.D and style and groove of Pet Shop Boys. Future Perfect has a sound that’s looking forwards and never backwards.

In 2010 Simon released the debut CD, 'Dirty Little Secrets' to great acclaim. The follow-up, 'Escape' expanded greatly on their sound to great effect, the single release and
remixes of
'Paradise' finding it's way onto dance floors worldwide.


2014 saw Future Perfect take to the stage at The Silicon Dreams Festival in Liverpool along with other bands Northern Kind, Tenek and Vile Electrodes.

Signed to Conzoom Records, they are label-mates with Parralox, Zynic, Sinestar and Daybehavior amongst others.

In 2015, Future Perfect presented an outstanding album 'After The Fall'.

Also In 2015, 2016 and 2017 Simon continued playing numerous gigs throughout the UK to expand their audience, including another amazing performance at Silicon Dreams Festival 2017 on 8th July 2017 joined by Avec Sans and Parralox amongst others.

These gigs culminated on 2nd December 2017, where Future Perfect played a fantastic set much critically acclaimed at the Electric Dreams Weekend, with four new tracks premiering from their forthcoming album, 'Touch'.

The 2017 Electric Dreams Weekend saw Future Perfect alongside The Human League, Avec Sans and many other great bands. The storming set was filmed with multiple cameras and is set to be shown on Vintage TV on April 3rd 2018.

Simon is busy writing and recording for the new album, titled 'Touch' and so far fivesuperb melodic anthemic tracks have been recorded; Rip, Touch, Assassin's Eyes, Victoria and Sin (Where Angels Fall)

Official Website:

Matt Culpin
SArah Heeley

NORTHERN KIND are electronic duo Matt Culpin and Sarah Heeley. Based in Leicester, UK the duo formed in 2006 and have gained a loyal, international fan-base. Their early albums ‘53 Degrees North’ and‘Wired’, topped album and download charts across Europe and won them prestigious live dates including a UK tour with pop legends Kajagoogoo, Recoil with Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode) and Gary Numan at Postbahnhof, Berlin, and Heaven 17 at the 2013 Silicon Dreams Festival.

Northern Kind.jpg
Northern Kind.jpg

The duo’s third album ‘Credible Sexy Unit’, released in 2013, met with critical acclaim from across the electronic music scene and was described by The Electricity Club as “...exactly what you’d expect from Northern Kind: retro-amped, chipper tunes, superlative singing, enduring song writing, and a professional attitude that belies their indie sensibilities.” Erasure’s Andy Bell took to Twitter to give his seal of approval, proclaiming “Loving the sound of Credible Sexy Unit.

​​With 10,000 album sales and a legacy of high profile live performances,
Northern Kind were proving that self-produced, self-promoted music could give the industry giants a run for their money. Imagine the fans’ shock then, when in 2014, Sarah announced that she was leaving the duo. Wanting to focus on her yoga teacher training and taking some time out to travel, she decided to take a break. It seemed that the NK story had reached a sudden and unexpected end. Until...
​​In December 2018, teaser posts on Facebook started to hint of a reunion and possible new material. Cue the release in March, after much anticipation, of new single
’Lip Service’. Hailed as “a finely tuned slice of dance pop perfection” by The Electricity Club, it seems that Northern Kind haven’t lost their touch and, if anything, have come back stronger, better and even more accomplished. They’re set to perform at the Silicon Dreams Festival 2019 and have just recorded a collaboration with Nitzer Ebb’s Julian Beeston. Their next single ‘The Feeling’ is due out in May.


Official Website:

In the early 90´s Johan Baeckström formed the swedish electropop duo Daily Planet together with vocalist Jarmo Ollila. The singles 'Milky Way' and 'Radioactive love' was released in 1995-1996, followed by the first - and only - album 'The Tide'. Until 2014, that is - In september 2014 they released their second album, called 'Two', on Swedish label Progress Productions. It was followed by a 3rd album, 'Play Rewind Repeat' in May 2017. In between those two, Johan released two solo albums, 'Like Before' in June 2015 and 'Utopia' in June 2018, both highly acclaimed by fans and media.
johan baeckström
'Like Before' successfully goes back to the eighties, but somehow manages to sound irresistably fresh at the same time. Hats off, Johan!

—Release Magazine, 9/10 rating review in June 2015

'Utopia' A study in pop perfection.

—Elektroskull, 10/10 rating review in June 2018

Johan Baeckström uses his many analogue machines to turn his well-written songs into appealing and emotive synthpop, proving indeed that the synth is not dead.

—The Electricity Club in June 2018


We've Been Noticed


A lot of people are thinking about organizing some kind of music event for a 50th birthday. Here’s one that actually made it all the way from idea to concert: a synthpop night in London with Johan Baeckstrom (Sweden), Northern Kind (England) and Future Perfect (Wales).

Underground synthpop events in London are rare these days and Jamelle Bejarano, located in California, thought it was a great idea to put something together for her husband’s 50th birthday. She hired the newly refurbished Nambucca venue in London on November 15 and the event, called eLectronic singularity, is open for everyone (who buys a ticket of course).

Electronic Singularity is Coming November 15th!

Posted In Jammerzine
by Allen Geiner

October 27, 2019

What would you do for your significant other big numbers B`Day? A gathering of friends? Go out to dinner? OR something bigger? Well, Jamelle Bejarano has everyone beat. She decided to put on a concert for her husband’s big 5-0! He is a huge fan of electronic music so she decided to gather up his favorites and make a huge event out of it. Taking Place in the UK in November this is slated to be one banger of an event Jamelle describes how this all came about….


My husband, John Bejarano, is turning 50 in November. I asked him what special activity he would like to do for his birthday. After some thought, he said he would love to see his favorite three bands in concert, but as Northern Kind is from Leceister, England, Future Perfect is from Wales, and Johan Baeckström is from Sweden it wasn’t likely that they would play together in November. The three bands have not previously had a group concert.

[Click the link for MORE...]


Here is a one time concert featuring three amazing electronic / synth music artists. Dubbed ‘Electronic Singularity‘, it is being held at the newly refurbished Nambucca, in England.


Taking place Friday night, November 15th, prepare yourselves for a convergence of bands from England, Wales and Sweden. This is a unique event, so expect tickets to be limited.

Firstly, electronic duo Matt Culpin and Sarah Heeley make up Northern Kind. They are based in Leicester, UK and have a loyal international fanbase. With top charting albums across Europe, they critically acclaim the electronic music scene. [Click the link for MORE...]

New Electronic/Synth Event Electronic Singularity Is Underway - EDMTunes

Coming to London UK an
eLectronic singularity!

Posted by Hype Editorial
News from Hip-Hop to Hollywood

September 30, 2019

Coming 15 Nov in the City of Westminster, the HEART of London UK . . . 

it’s not just a Concert

it’s a Happening!!

Northern Kind


Johan Baeckström

London Calling… eLectronic singularity 15 Nov!


Posted In Crash Bang Wallopsite

by Allen Geiner

October 11, 2019


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​electronic singularity

Jamelle Bejarano, Concert Promoter


ticket purchase

Tickets are available through Eventbrite

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by clicking on the TICKETS button.

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596 Holloway Road


N7 6LB

United Kingdom

To all who attend
John and I thank you in advance for making this an unforgettable concert

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